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Revit Kid: Stadia 3D - Interactive Rendering with Revit

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    Revit Kid: Stadia 3D - Interactive Rendering with Revit

    Robert Pogue, of Stadia 3D, reached out to me in an effort to get the word out about his technology. I have to say... It is COOL. It is very simple. You download the addin and install it. Open your Revit project and go to a 3D view. Type in your registered email address and click the "bake with Stadia" icon. Within an hour or so you receive an email informing you that your rendering is done. Download the .exe... Run it, and VIO LA! Your model is FULLY rendered (artificial lighting and all) and you can interact with it just like you would a video game...

    House Section from Robert Pogue on Vimeo.

    Think of the possibilities. Being able to render your entire building in the cloud and then interact with it... Select your favorite views and take screen shots or record your interaction as a walk through. Awesome. I fooled around with it quite a bit before posting about Stadia 3D here on the blog:

    Screen shot of Stadia3D with Photoshop for Exposure.

    Rendering Directly in Revit with Photoshop Post-Processing.

    Click here and give it a try! I promise you will be very excited and impressed (especially if you have a nice graphics card).

    A little tip, press ALT when launching the .EXE file and you can make the rendering values higher or lower.

    Posted by: Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, LEED AP at The Revit!

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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