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French student - Internship in Phoenix Az

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    French student - Internship in Phoenix Az

    Hello, I'm a french student in city planning in Paris France, and in April I will start a 6 month internship in an architecture office, in Phoenix Arizona.

    I already know that I will have to work on Revit architecture, so I downloaded the soft to try. I find it pretty intuitive, I succeed in creating simple volumes etc.

    But I wanted to know what kind of tasks to you think my boss will ask me to do on revit? What are things that I have to work especially before my internship?

    I ask because I really want to improve my level with Revit before my internship ; to be able to do a good work as quick as possible then.

    Thank you very much and sorry for my english (I go in the USA to improve it )


    Depends on the firm. Some will have you picking up redlines which may involve some modeling elements or may be solely drafting lines and annotations. Others will expect you to be much more heavily involved in the design process which, at my firm at least, would mean you'd need to be comfortable modeling.

    There are other threads on this issue you might want to check out but, for my mone your best bet is to rebuild a project you're already familiar with.

    Which firm will you be working with, if you don't mind my asking?
    Greg McDowell Jr


      Thank you for your answer

      The firm is Gabord Lorant architecture.


        Hi Jérome, welcome to RFO.

        As French, I would learn first technical vocabulary to be comfortable with terms (and understand what my boss is asking for!).
        For Revit, I encourage you to follow daily this forum, where noobs and others ask questions that always leads to amazing answers from the revit gurus.
        Get every tutorial you will get on the forum, starting with sticky threads as this one
        or here

        would like to see you on the French subforum too

        Enjoy your Revit learning :thumbsup:
        "Au royaume des aveugles, les borgnes sont mal vus!"
        P. DAC
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          Thank you


            well revit is great but you need to download from autodesk seek your missing components that come out of box to enhace your project supplements. because if you are going to made the elements in families it take decent time especially if it is comlex.


              Before you start downloading families, check with whomever is the local Revit guru/BIM Manager. Some (most) of the content found online has lots of stuff that many people feel just clutters up the project. Lots of Shared Parameters, or worse Project Parameters, that don't need to be there - materials not named according to the company standard - additional sub-categories that add no value to the project - incorrectly used Level of Detail (or worse, not used at all) - these are just a few of the problems with downloaded families. Before you annoy your new office check with them first.
              Greg McDowell Jr


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