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visibility problems with Linked Models

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    visibility problems with Linked Models

    Hey Knowledgable Reviteers,
    I've got problems ( we'll focus on the revit ones in this forum. lol )

    My team has linked my Architectural Model into their Structural Model.

    something has changed in the past few days/weeks that I can't back track and it's affecting how they can view my model.

    In all views, they can see my walls, but the exterior edge of the wall is only visible when you hover the mouse over the wall, or select the wall.

    we can dimension to the exterior edge of the wall, and things snap to it, but it's not showing up in views.

    here's what we've looked at so far.

    -Phasing is correct,
    -everything in V/G seems to be correct, some of the settings had changed to " show fine " and "Transparent" and we have changed those back to show host and have unchecked transparent.
    -we've selected the linked model in the view, and gone to the graphics over ride and nothing seems to be wrong in that location.

    changes in the model have been that we've added some worksets, but quick spin thru that shows that the worksets are on as well.

    Can you please offer some more things to check, trouble shoot with ? we can work around by draing detail lines over the edge of the wall, but this seems really tedious.

    Thanks in advance.

    Do you have a screen shot of what it looks like on their screen?
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      hmm, so we seem to have solved it. I just don't know how yet lol . So I can't add a screen shot..sigh

      when a fresh section was cut, it was showing the wall as described above, incorrectly. when a template from another project was applied, it shows it correctly.

      so for my own sanity, and to help anyone else who might run into this, I'll compare two views that are created identically, with the only difference being one has the template applied to it. than we will know what is doing it.

      I suspect it's some VG setting related to the linked model and the same as linked/ same as host settings.

      I'll come back and post my findings later today.


        This sort of thing happens to me with the room fillings visible in plan view and/or transparency checked on. I believe it to be a graphics card bug but I'm not sure...
        Don't worry too much though, my experience is that they print just fine. Would like to know if you solve the issue, haven't got around to it (since I learned that it doesn't effect the printing)
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          It was somethng with the default way our linked model was being brought in. it was coming in with the cut lines for walls, set to invisible. the template brought it back to a normal line.
          I can't beleive I didn't catch this the first time. and I wonder if this is a default revit setting ? more investigation required.


            There are a LOT of misconceptions about WHICH FILE the view settings get used from. Many Many people think "By host view" means that THEIR model will show according to the view settings in YOUR model, but thats not the case at all. What it actually means, is find View Settings in their model, that are the same NAME as the view settings in your model.

            Its a bit scary. If you want to see it for yourself, change your Phase Filter names so they arent the same as the OOTB ones (ours arent). Phase Filters completely fail to work on Linked Files. Its a mess. LOL.
            Aaron "selfish AND petulant" Maller |P A R A L L A X T E A M | Practice Technology Implementation
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