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Readyboost for windows 7 & USB pen drive RAM?

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    Readyboost for windows 7 & USB pen drive RAM?

    Hi guys!
    Have you tried any of these 2?

    Use your USB flash drive as virtual RAM

    Using memory in your storage device to speed up your computer

    First link tells us that we can convert our Pen drives (Flashdrives) into a "Portable RAM". The other link are for win7 and Vista users that will add additional virtual memory? (That's what i've heard.) have you guys tried these? will it affect Revit's speed?

    The first link is a bad idea and will not give you "Portable RAM" and certainly isn't a "RAM Disk". Leave your virtual memory settings alone.

    The second link (ReadyBoost) does not add virtual memory. What ReadyBoost does do is cache frequently used files to the flash drive (random disk reads from the flash drive can be faster than from a hard drive). This can have the affect of making the system feel a little more zippy and opening programs feel a little more zippy. But it does not actually make Revit (or any other applications) "work" any faster. I've used ReadyBoost in the past, and frankly, and didn't seem very noticeable, but it certainly doesn't hurt (however, if you have an SSD, then there's no point in ReadyBoost).


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