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Revit Kid: The Revit! Challenge No.3 - 3Form Alta Shape

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    Revit Kid: The Revit! Challenge No.3 - 3Form Alta Shape

    I have to model these in work and as I begin to dive into making them I thought it would be fun to have you, my readers, give it a shot. The shapes will be ceiling hung but I think it would be best as a faced based family.

    There is only one rule... The family has to be made COMPLETELY in Revit.

    3 Form Shapes - Alta:
    Alta* shapes ceiling feature with three small panels
    • (3) Small shapes: 24" × 45", 42" × 45", 43" × 42"
    • Varia Ecoresin C3, 1/4" gauge
    • Ceiling-mounted Alta shapes create unique canopy effect
    • Each shape requires (3) supports (can be shared)
    • Holes drilled
    • Smaller scale for more intimate spaces
    • 3 week lead time

    More information here...

    Of course, you are welcome to do more research on your own.

    The winner of this challenge will be awarded TWO free licenses of SAuBIM - Code Calculation in Revit.
    Posted by: Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, LEED AP at The Revit!

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