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Beam with Variable Sections

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    Beam with Variable Sections

    I need help
    I use Autocad Structural Detaling and I have troubles with beam. I need to make a beam with differente sections (30x60 and 80x28 cm)
    but when I use Macro I can create different pats of beam with for example different Lenghts but section is the same for all Beam.
    (There is just window for sections and isn't dependend by wich part of beam I select :banghead::banghead
    Please help me

    P.S. sorry for my english

    This question is old, but anyway, let's make a comment: For a beam of variable section, create a new beam family as a swept solid, with two profiles. At one end of the path, use a profile of 28 x 80; at the other end use a profile of 30 x 60.

    It is not clear, though, if the issue refers to Revit or AutoCAD Structural Detailing.
    Anyway, I hope it helps.
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