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Traditional wood Raised Panel system profiles?

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    Traditional wood Raised Panel system profiles?

    Happy New Year everybody, wish you a very rich new version of Revit in April 2012

    Now has anybody made Traditional Raised Wood Paneling for Interiors in Revit? And where can I find revit raised panel profiles or at least get dimensions to draw profiles myself? and after applying a profile to wall sweeps how can I make rectangular profiled repeating elements any other way than by railing systems? See the image attached.
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    The best I have found is something like I just converted the PDF to PNG and traced over to get an approximation of the shape. If the images are actually embedded vectors you could probably use Illustrator to get a DXF, but I seriously doubt it is vector data. It might also be possible to get DWGs of the profiles from the manufacturer, but I have not contacted them about it. Of course if you wanted to be that accurate you would need to contact a local manufacturer, and likely they all have different feelings about releasing DWGs or not.

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      I've used curtain walls. I've used individual panel families; one for the ends having the middle as an instanced arrayed pattern. I've also done simple wall sweeps with simple in-place graphics.

      The first two were definitely the better options.

      EDIT:: The thing with carpentry details like that is you won't really find any standards for panel design. You really just have to know it.
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        Well guys previously I did the following, I made a profile of the sweep and applied it through wall sweep, then I created a custom railing family with square patterns repeating, adding some parameters for future flexibility. Disadvantage of this option is that I couldn't apply a void form pattern on the sweeps through railing systems. Railing system voids cut only themselves. Now I trying to create the whole Raised panel by only Railing system. I think it should be the best option.


          I do mine with Walls, Wall Sweeps, and a series of Families... Face Based, unhosted, Line Based, etc.
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