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    Autodesk Design Review

    Does anyone work with Design Review for markups/comparison etc.?

    I'd like to start using it more for communication between consultants as well as internally. I've only used it sparingly for dwf marking up/highlighting comments and haven't yet starting linking in markup sets. I realize this doesn't eliminate traditional communication but would like to start using this to enhance it. The compare sheets tool looks promisiing.

    Whats your workflow? Any comments/experience/concerns with it would be it appreciated.
    Brett Harris
    BIM Manager
    Erskine Dredge & Associates Architects Inc.

    Hi Brett.

    I use the compare sheets tool between revisons, as it highlights all changes on each sheet, so then I can make sure I have all the rev clouds where needed.


    Phillip Miller
    Kiwi Codes Solutions Ltd
    Makers of "Family Browser" and "Project Browser" for Revit.


      If you can break away from hard-copy markups it is a great tool, the overlay workflow is brilliant, particularly at the Construction documentation stage, when you want high level detail adjustments to the drawings that can simply be done through the sheets.

      One feature that I believe that is currently missing is some way to markup a 3D view, I would love to see a functionality to be able to attached comments to objects in 3D that a user can then review in Revit with the overlay

      For use between consultants it is no different, so long as both parties agree on DWF, and not PDF
      Revit BLOGGAGE


        Hey Brett

        I hope you managed to convince your team and consultants that Design Review is the tool to use for markup and design communication.

        If it helps, I have posted a training manual I wrote for Design Review here
        I used to be high on life, until I realised it was cut with Morons.
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