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    Edit Unsaved Families

    I just stumbled upon this. Yet another one I'm sure everyone but me knew about. But, I'll post it for the new guys anyway.

    This works on all families, not just unnamed ones.

    So, you created a quick profile and loaded it into your project. Since it's a one off, you decide not to save the profile. Well, what do you do when the profile changes? You don't have a save profile to edit. Or do you?

    Simply find the profile in the project browser. Right click and choose edit. It will open the family editor so you can edit it. I wish I would have stumbled on this months ago. :laugh:

    lol, yeah these kind of things are worth to write up. Took me somewhat years to figure it out. It's also a great way to create multiple types for families that you can't select in the project (like profile families). Expand the family to show the types, right click on a type, duplicate, type properties and you're off.

    Off course it needs to be parametric for it to work though...
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      Another use for this

      Better still, you can use it for temporary changing something in a family to suit just the current project but whitout changing permanently the family in the library.

      What I mean is that if you find that your favoured family for a particular purpose doesn't exactly suit your current project, rather than making permanent changes to it or creating yet another variation of it, you can simply open family editor for this family straight from your project (edit), make your changes and without saving it to your library load it back to your project. This way you still have your original, unchanged family in your library and edited copy in your project.

      Of course, if you find yourself making the same changes to the family more than once for different projects it's much smarter to just create an additional variation of this family in your library once and for all your future needs... But for "one-off" change this is useful...
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        There is another use for the project browser that is not immediatly apparent: changing a family name is less of a hassle if you simply right click on it in the project browser, instead of opening it in the family editor and save as... it to a temp location. Also usefull to load in different versions of a family you are editing as discribed above, simply change the name after loading, next time you load in the family it doesn't overwrite the previous one.
        There must be a better way...

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          You can also add and edit type names and their parameters from within the project. Then Edit the family and presto those changes are now part of your family.
          -Alex Cunningham


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