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Jason Grant: Top Ten Posts From 2011

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    Jason Grant: Top Ten Posts From 2011

    With the year wrapping up I have looked back to see what was the most popular topics on this blog for 2011. Counting down to #1 we have:
    10. Good to Great – “First Who… Then What”
    Do you have the "right" people to fuel your implementation and innovation? If you have not asked this question then your efforts, desires and passions may not be able to be fulfilled. The "right" people are your most important assets, not just people.
    9. Architects We are the 99%
    This post was one of my fastest idea to generation topics of all time. It all came together between the train station and my office at the time. I would have to walk past the Occupy Boston protesters and a whole bunch of ideas flooded my mind.
    8. BIM Is So Last Year
    This post outlined how just about everyone is doing the "BIM" thing. How does one measure one firm against another? How many answers would you get if you were surveying what the definition of BIM is? What will be after BIM, will it be more defined or will it be as general as CAD is? It is not that you own the tool, it is how you use it. Are you a rough framer or a master carpenter?
    7. "Super Revit Families" - Are They Good?
    Is it best to use a lot of static or slightly parametric families or a couple "Super" families that can adapt to numerous needs.
    6. Revit Copy From Project to Family #Fail
    Always a point of contention, you want to layout something in a project and use that within a family but that is not the intended workflow.
    5. Faster Revit Render
    Basic premise is why render something one does not see.
    4. Stair Planning Family
    Stairs are always difficult within Revit but this family which was adapted from my Autodesk University 2010 fun during the Fuzzy Math session helps schematically layout your stair needs.
    3. Revit For Presentations - Graphics That "POP"
    This year's Autodesk University 2011 has alrady made the top of the charts for hits. Graphics are an important part to relaying information.
    2. Autodesk Showcase or Galileo, For Architects?
    A continuing struggle for many is how to present the model to a client and unfortunately there is not one solution that matches the needs, in my opinion.
    1. Sheet Creator App for Revit
    I am surprised that this little app that I created for Autodesk University 2009 still gets so much interest. You may have noticed that I had the 2012 version in the download area but never really announced it. If you have issues with the app not running it is a security issue and it can be resolved by following the instructions here:

    So what does 2012 hold? Not much Revit but a lot of interesting technologies, trends and business thinking. Are you happy with your current processes, workflow and abilities within the available software? If you are or are not but want to help provide feedback on the next generation of software. Sign up to be part of our feedback community at:

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