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Ceiling Pattern Color in Perspective

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    Ceiling Pattern Color in Perspective

    First off - it's been way too long since the last time I've been here.

    I have a question that I think I know the answer to (read: it can't be done) but I thought I would ask anyway.

    In perspective, I cannot seem to get the color of the surface pattern for my ceiling to change. The lines are always a very light grey color and make it very hard to see. The color will change in the ceiling plan like I want it to but not in the perspective views itself. I've tried overriding graphics, editing the material, etc. Nothing seems to work.

    Any ideas?
    Chad Koscinski | Architect

    I think ceilings in perspective have some sort of hard wired "screen" applied. You can change the color, but you are going to get a 50% screen of whatever you have set. My guess is it is done to keep the ceiling from turning black in a perspective, but a pattern on the floor has exactly the same (potential) problem and there is no hard wired solution there. Frustrating leftovers from the early days, which possibly/probably made some sense then, but no longer do.

    Pragmatic Praxis



      Thanks for the reply. I thought it might be hard wired since the same pattern applied to a wall will show up how I want it to.
      Chad Koscinski | Architect


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