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Auto Cavity End Closure and Continuous Cavities

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    Auto Cavity End Closure and Continuous Cavities

    Here is an old one but a good one.
    If you want a double brick wall with cavity to join on ends and intersecting walls to create a continious cavity automatically here is how.

    1.Duplicate or create a normal double brick wall (image1)
    2.Now you have to delete the "function" from the material that is outside
    the core boundry. (image2)
    There is a trick here Revit will not let you just select and delete the whole
    function line. You have to select just the function type ie. "finish" and delete
    and leave the number in brackets ie.(4) (image3) Then press OK then the function will
    be gone.
    Set wrapping at ends to "exterior" all done.
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    Mark Balsom

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.

    Hi Mark,

    An old thread I know, although I can't seem to find any other tips on how to achieve this outcome, and I've followed the steps you've outlined without any luck. I'm unable to delete the function separate from the bracketed [4]. Any advice would be appreciated.




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