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placing and rotating coupling or family instance on sloped pipe

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    placing and rotating coupling or family instance on sloped pipe

    hi all

    i have draw a sloped pipe programmatically from start to end

    now i want to place a coupling that is family instance at pipe mid point
    i have place that too,

    now here family instance should be perpendicular to pipe slope, my pipe is at angle 30 degree it is drawn from west mech side in between two levels

    how to rotate the family instance so that it gets fit perpendicular to pipe

    any Help

    placing and rotating coupling or family instance on sloped pipe

    Hi All,
    Warm Greetings for the day.

    well i placed a coupling on sloped pipe successfully and now it is perpendicular to pipe axis and it is connected System.
    the logic is first rotate the coupling by pipe angle then again we have to rotate that coupling by creating new axis but this time the angle is 90 degree for coupling.

    Kailash Kute


      Your dealing with rotating a fitting family on a sloped pipe. Yikees.
      Are you saying the fitting is perpendicular to the pipe or floor?

      The split tool will add a union, would that work. You might have to define the fitting in your pipe type.
      "Keeping my view range hopeful"


        have to agree with Jrobker. The Split tool would be the best option for this as it will instantly adapt to your current pipe slope.
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