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Workplane Visibility?

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    Workplane Visibility?

    Here's my situation. I'm having to place electric hot water heaters in a ceiling space of the washrooms on this current project. To place the first one, due to it being face hosted and wanting to sit on the floor, I drew a reference plane in a section and placed it that way. No problems.

    Now when I go to the second washroom to place another hot water heater, when view the section there the workplane line doesn't show. I can place the heater by selecting the workplane from the options and it sits just fine.

    I'm curious why the workplane won't show in all views? Is it at all possible for it to show in all sections and elevations? I think I'm either missing something simple or asking the impossible.

    Thanks in advance.


    I'm guessing the refplanes are turned off in the V/G overrides. Otherwise it should show since refplanes have no physical limitation in stretching out
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