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Revit Kid: Revit Tip - Duplicate WITH Dependent

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    Revit Kid: Revit Tip - Duplicate WITH Dependent

    This is a simple little tip. If you want to duplicate a floor plan and its dependent views follow these steps:
    1. Find the main view you want to copy and Duplicate (I used Duplicate with Details because I wanted the room names copied over.)
    2. While you have the new view as your Active view (you can tell because the new view will be in BOLD letters in the Project Browser), right click on the original view. Then click on "Apply Dependent Views". It will ask you if you want to apply the dependent views to the new view that you just renamed. Click on Yes.
    3. Rename views as needed.
    Found in the AUGI Forums...

    Sadly, this cannot be done between Floor Plan and Reflected Ceiling Plans due to the inability to mess with System Families in Revit... Would be awesome to be able to duplicate and then convert a floor plan to a reflected ceiling plan...
    Posted by: Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, LEED AP at The Revit!

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