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Boundary Coordinates problem...

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    Boundary Coordinates problem...

    Hi guys. I'm having this problem today...

    We have a revit file (outsourced) and about 30-35% complete. the problem is...
    We have acquired a new cad file (survey control points for boundary coordinates).
    now, if we follow these coordinates, i don't think we can move the revit model on that specific location as this might cause so many errors. so i'm thinking, what if we move the survey points in revit, and place it based on the (0,0,0) of the new coordinate files that we have? (is this plausible?, will the coordinates in revit be changed?) and will our old dwg. plans if ever linked in this revit model, will the fit exactly the same as it was before?

    Thanks in advance guys!

    i'' answer my post. (lol!)
    if i move the survey points when clipped, the coordinates also move. (thank g_d!)
    so what i did is i didn't moved the model, i just moved the survey point to make the model's coordinate same as with my new cad file for boundary coordinates. :-)


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