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Adding Text to Families

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    Adding Text to Families

    I have a generic family that I have created.

    Is there a way I could add text to it so when I insert it into the project its there?

    You'd nest a generic annotation family into your object family. Beware of the scale of your view, model object and annotation working together and being readable.

    My two pennies.

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      Thanks for the reply. I want to put the annotation on elevation (front) but cant do that with a generic annotation family.


        Maybe, you should try :

        A - a tag
        B - A model text which you can control his visibility through visibility settings (I guess you don't want to see it in plan but only when we're facing your family)

        Never used the model text though
        Alexandre Cantin
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          Why not this:

          Create Shared Text Parameters.
          Fill them in the family (if you want to hardcode it put the text in the second column where you would also place formulas)
          Place in project
          Tag in view

          Keep in mind, the model text is possible, but not very useable. It creates problems, cause you will be able to select the family in plan view by hovering over the (invisible) model text.
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            luddite that I am I have created a text family (drawn in outline) for the most commonly used letters - a real pain but there are times that symbols just do not behave as I want them - so I choose whether or not to have a scaling bit of text and/or symbol.


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