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What Revit Wants: Confused about BIM Terminology?

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    What Revit Wants: Confused about BIM Terminology?

    You may be interested in this list of abbreviations and definitions.

    For example, have you ever wonder what IFC means?

    IFC's - Industry Foundation Classes, is a data exchange method that specifies elements that are used in building construction in an agreed manner that define a common language for construction. IFCs provide a foundation for the exchange and sharing of information directly between software applications of a shared building project model. The IFC data model is a neutral and open specification that is not controlled by a single vendor or group of vendors. It is an object oriented file format to facilitate interoperability in the building industry, and is a commonly used format for BIM. The format is known as ifcXML. ifcXML2x3 (current version) is currently supported by Autodesk, Graphisoft, Nemestchek and Bentley.

    BIM Terminology

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    Luke Johnson | Autodesk Expert Elite Member
    Author of What Revit Wants

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