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Autodesk University: AU2011: Views from the Blogosphere

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    Autodesk University: AU2011: Views from the Blogosphere

    With 900+ classes, Innovation Forums, exhibits, exams, and galleries, there's a lot more to cover at AU than our small staff can write about. In addition to the more traditional press, a veritable army of talented scribes attends AU and relates their experiences. Check out these on-the-ground reports and pictures from industry media and bloggers—find out what you missed and what you may want to include in your AU experience for 2012. 
    Brian Skirpac of DesignGroup reported on the AU Leadership Forum keynote that introduced five technology trends that are changing the world. Additional coverage of the AU Leadership Forum comes from George Wright at MicroBIM.
    AU 2011's General Session kicked off the conference with a discussion of disruptive industry trends. Great coverage of the General Session and pre-session media briefing comes from Cadalyst reporters Cyrena Respini-Irwin and Nancy Spurling Johnson. Susan Smith at at AECCafe details the media Q&A with Autodesk CEO Carl Bass.
    Autodesk's announcement of its new Autodesk® 360 for PLM offering drew considerable coverage. Oleg Shilovitsky from Beyond PLM describes the new offering and his take on it. PLM supports sustainable design by encouraging attention to sustainability throughout a product or project lifecycle, according to Leslie Guevarra at Thomas Ramback of thinks it should be named "Autodesk 180" for its potential to turn companies around. Matt Ball of Spatial Sustain describes Autodesk's cloud strategy.
    Reality capture and making things were big this year, especially with the hands-on 123D Catch and TechShop booths in the Exhibit Hall. Autodesk is bringing making to the masses with tools that dramatically shorten product development times. Hipstomp at Core 77 describes the new Autodesk123D Sculpt iPad application, complete with video demo by Kyle Runciman. He also covers Autodesk 123D Make for creating 3D models. Edwin Guerra of BIM put Autodesk 123D Catch to use right away to model pictures he took in Zion National Park on the way home from AU 2011.
    Rahul Shah of Revit Sticky Notes wrote a day-by-day diary of his time at AU 2011, concluding with his list of top 10 AU classes. Robin Capper at RobiNZ CAD Blog provides gorgeous photos in his AU 2011 account, and David Butts of The MEP CAD Engineer muses about what he saw and learned at AU 2011. Additonal overall AU 2011 roundups appear at CADDManager Blog, CAD Insider, and CAD Panecea. Andrew Duncan of ARUP did his in video.
    And don't forget AU Virtual 2011. Point of Beginning lists their top five picks for AU Virtual Classes. AU Virtual remains available until December 19. Register and view free classes now!

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