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Massing !!!

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    Massing !!!

    I created form from 1 Spline and 1 Ref line ( or from 2 Splines).
    When I added a profile, that profile was an ARC.
    Can anyone answer me : How to get a SPLINE profile in this case ?

    Not really understanding what you are trying to do. Perhaps including an example revit file or screen shot could help others understand better what you are trying to accomplish.

    My best guess would be that you want to create a custom profile using splines to be swept along a specified path (?)

    If so, this can be done by creating a new profile family using whatever shape you'd like and loading this new family into your project.

    Again, you really have not given enough information to understand what it is you are trying to do exactly so if this is irrelevant I apologize.


      Martijn de Riet
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        Thank you for replying.
        What I want to do was in Conceptual Mass. But I found that was easy to resolve : after adding a profile, I just Edit profile !


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