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    View Range?

    This could be a general question, not structure specific, so apologies in advance.

    My workplace is trialling a new template, our structural plans are now wire frame, not hidden line.

    I am finding that with this, I am seeing the slab at the level below (which I don't want to) as well as the slab at the level I'm viewing.
    But I do not see the concrete beams at the lower level??

    View range definitely does not extend down far enough to pick up the slab below.

    Am I missing the obvious?

    Thank you.

    How far from the slab below does your VR go? Slabs are unlike any other element in revit in that they don't have to be in the view range to be seen, they just have to be close.


      Not totally sure (as I have never tested it), but I would suspect that slabs behaviour in RST is the same as floors in RAC. Floors are one of those weird elements that do not strictly adhere to view range constraints. There are a couple of thread on it in the general questions forum.
      Ian Kidston


        From what I read on the wiki that length is 4' below the view range


          Thanks for your responses.

          It would seem to be what gdoherty0102 thought.

          When view range of the plan gets to within about 1200 of the slab below, that slab then appears in the plan.

          At least now I know what is causing it,



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