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warning message of "There are identical instances in the same place ..."

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    warning message of "There are identical instances in the same place ..."

    i have a strange case in which 2+ lighting fixtures not in the same position still generate above warning message, i cannot figure out the reason yet, anyone?

    The light cones are probably intersecting....(yes, its stupid that they show as a conflict)
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      thanks MPwuzhere.

      in fact, it's lighting device, not lighting fixture, sorry for mistaken category.

      so light cone is not the reason, besides, 2 instances are fairly far away (16'+).


        Is it an OOTB family or did you create it? If it's the latter, could there be an errant line somewhere in the family?


          Phasing??? Design Options??? Worksets??? Element Hide??? just thinking of things that might cause it...
          -Alex Cunningham


            thanks all, but none of those you guys mentioned above.

            i just did a little test using cut / paste same place, the exact same lighting devices w/o warning are OK, but the ones w/ warning will generate serious error message.

            i assume it's internal data error even though i don't know what causes such behavior, i'll re-insert these lighting devices w/ warnings, seems i don't have much choice, do i?

            by the way, it's not OOTB family.

            edit: after i move away & back of these lighting devices, warning messages no longer exist, so i "fixed" problem even though i don't have slight idea of what's going on.
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              I would however be inclined to do a save as and keep an extra backup file at this point. just sayin...
              Martijn de Riet
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