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grid lines attached to drawings and views

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    grid lines attached to drawings and views

    I'm working on making construction documents and i have not figured out how to have a grid that stays on every sheet and refers to drawings. for example, an interior elevation tag would include where it lands on the grid (A5) and the sheet it lands on (I-501). Any thoughts?

    The Out Of The Box Elevation, Section, and Callout Tags all have that feature built in. In fact, it's one of most people's favorite things about Revit. Once you place a View on a Sheet and give it a number, everything stays updated.

    I'm guessing you've got one of two problems:
    1.) When you place and Elevation Tag, it doesn't have the Detail or the Sheet number on it. Those don't show up until you take that Elevation and drag it on to a Sheet. You have to enter the Detail number, but the Sheet is picked up from the Sheet Number.
    2.) This is probably what you're really asking about. No, there is no method for Revit to figure out how your firm has your grids (which I would term modules) laid out and recognize that the lower left 3 inch square is module A5, and the next 3 inches to the right is B5.

    You have to type the Detail number in yourself, and if you move an Elevation around on the Sheet, you have to change the number yourself.
    But once you change it, it changes on every sheet that Elevation Tag shows up on.
    Dave Plumb
    BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

    CADsplaining: When a BIM rookie tells you how you should have done something.


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