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Gabled dormer in mansard roof. Tips?

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    Gabled dormer in mansard roof. Tips?

    Hello again, Revit Forum.

    The last time I made non-flat roofs was in Revit 9.1. I'm now in 2011, and hoping I'm missing something really simple about Dormer openings. I've made my dormer roof and my mansard roof. I've made the side and front walls for the dormer. I've even joined the dormer roof to the mansard roof.

    When I use the dormer opening tool, I can select the sidewalls and the front wall without trouble. I can't select the top of the dormer. I've tried 3D, plan and elevation views.

    Do I need to make sure that the dormer roof extends through the interior of the mansard roof? Is it ok that the dormer roof is by footprint? Is there anything else that I'm missing?

    Thanks for the help!

    Nope, it should work. Which plan view did you use? Only works when the entire roof is visible and you need to hit tab a few times to get it to work...
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