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Radeon Graphics Card??

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    Radeon Graphics Card??

    Hello all,

    Im looking to see if anyone has an opinion on using AMD Radeon HD cards for Revit (or all cad software for that matter) I bought the Radeon HD 6970 but have been reading that this card is better used for gaming. I do play games, and it would be nice to have a card that can function in that regard as well. Every specification I have read says that the 6970 supports openGL software, which leads me to believe that it would work.

    Thoughts?? I'd like to get going on putting this computer together soon, but i'd also like to do it right the first time...


    Welcome to the forums Vandelay! (the Art Vandelay?... sorry I'm a Seinfeld geek)

    I'm a little confused by your post... you've already purchased the card, but you haven't tried it with Revit yet? Anything stopping you? If it works, you're golden. It's not that the HD 6970 would be a bad card for Revit... it's an extremely powerful video card... it's just probably way more card than you need for Revit.

    You can read up more here.

    Good luck!



      thanks for the advice iru... and yes - the art vandelay haha...the reason i hadn't tried the card yet was because its still being shipped. i just wanted to find out if it would work before i opened it or killed my chances to return it somehow. i am glad to hear that my only "issue" might be having more power than i need.



        I have a 6770 at home and have had zero problems with it thus far.
        -Alex Cunningham


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