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    Quick question - help needed!


    I've just come across this forum - it's pretty neat! Hope I get a reply ASAP as working on my model right now and it's due this week. I'm currently doing my BA in architecture (in my 3rd year).

    Basically, I am trying to create a simple square frame - 5000x8000. I can draw it in 5seconds by hand but have no idea how to do it on revit (i'm a beginner).

    Hope someone can help! My structure is suspended within these square frames (look at Zumthor's Witch Memorial - it's similar!)


    Anyone ? Really can't figure it out, guessing it is something simple though


      I'm relatively new around here, too. The people on this site are helpful, but I think you need to give more information for what you're trying to accomplish.


        Ah ok thanks

        Witch Trial Memorial Steilneset by Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

        This image shows it best - u see there are square frames and the structure is floating in the middle (attached to cables) - i am doing something quite similar to this. I have designed the structure already, all i need to do is draw 1 frame and then i can space it out equally.. but i don't know how to create just a frame! Just a simple 5x8m frame that would be made of metal. How do i do that? it seems so simple but i can't do it
        Hope someone can help me soon!


          What sort of profiles do you need to use? Assuming you don't have much knowledge of family creation, the simplest way to do it would be to use structural framing tools. Use structural columns (sloped if necessary) and beams to create one of the frames you need and then array them.
          Canberra, Australia


            Thanks !! I have managed to do a grid and get columns in but when it comes to doing the same for beams it doesn't work? Anyone know why this is happening?

            look at attached image please it will give u a better idea of what i need to do


              Ok i've managed to do it!!

              Now anyone know how to create thin cables??


                Good day.
                Welcome to the forum.
                I would focus on using my massing tools for the fram structure you are looking at.
                And for that matter you can use the Component in place tool.
                In the same sense that you would extrude a simple shape to create the frame and studs, you can depending on the desired thikness of you cable just use model lines and they will display in 3d.
                otherwhise you can go with a sweep along a path and give the cable a thickness by apply a circular profile to the path.
                If need be let me know and i can direct you in the way of some video tutorials to help you out with this.

                All the best in you journey with Revit.



                  Thank you for your reply Everyone is really helpful on this forum

                  I have another question now. On my toposurface, it is just plain brown and boring right now. In render it looks better of course but I want to put roads etc into it. I followed a video on how to do a subregion and have been doing so but my subregions aren't showing up! I can see the outline box so I know it is there but even when rendered or in shaded view or anything, it doesn't show?! What am i doing wrong? I followed the video.

                  Also - I can only render in draft. When i try to render in best or medium for print, it comes out as a black square or disappears. What settings should I use?


                    anyone? say if i draw a subregion and then i edit the material, it changes the whole toposurface with it! :S


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