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NOOB question: family category list?

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    NOOB question: family category list?

    How do you categorize new families when its category is not plainly obvious? There doesn't seem to be a list.

    My example: Since there is no family for a server rack in the ootb library, I created one. To what family category should a server rack belong? I searched the ootb library and the closest thing I could find was "RPC notebook computer" filed under "Entourage". Office equipment must have a more logical family category than entourage. "Specialty Equipment" seems most likely, but there is nothing in there related to offices.

    Bonus question: this server is "not in contract". Is there a proper category for this and for the refrigerator in the next room that is shown only to provide space for it?

    The short answer is, it doesn't matter what category you put it in.:laugh:
    You need to ask yourself a few questions before you figure out your real answer.
    How do you want to schedule and tag the rack? Revit schedules and tags elements based on the object category they belong to.
    How do you want to control the graphics and visibility of the rack? Object categories control visibility and graphics of all Revit objects. Some categories can be cut in section, others can't. (In this case that's probably not an issue but it needs to be considered)

    I'd probably opt for specialty equipment but I'll leave that up to you.
    As for the NIC elements. I'd create a Yes/No parameter called NIC and then assign it to whatever object categories may have NIC objects in them. You can then create a filter to find the NIC elements and override the projection line type to a dashed line. For a little more flexibility you can add a parameter and call it 'Contract ID' or something along those lines. You can then use it to identify other contract aspects as well as inclusion in the contract.


      Totally agree with Dimitri. Speciality Equipment seems okay. If it is a powered rack, fully ventilated and Air-conditioned than I might opt for Electrical Equipment. I generally use the Omniclass "Family Category" suggestions to help me be consistent...
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        Originally posted by Mr Spot View Post
        I generally use the Omniclass "Family Category" suggestions to help me be consistent...
        Mr Spot: Thank you and Dimitri for your answers. I've got so many irons in the fire learning this program that I haven't been able to absorb your advice, but now I've run up against this issue again with lockers (as found in a changing room). To correctly classify these, I went to the following web site

        OmniClass: A Strategy for Classifying the Built Environment

        and downloaded "Table 23 - Products". I searched for lockers and found them at But when I try to find that number in Revit's "OmniClass Number" family parameter, it is not on the list. Due to computer limitations I'm currently using RAC 2011.

        Do you think it's possible this version of Revit is using an outdated OmniClass list, and if so do you think I can replace it? The "help" menu does not designate to which file it refers. It seems like I must have a complete list to assign the family.
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          Are you wanting to keynote these families? If not, they don't have to be the exact class. If it's equipment, I make it specialty equipment. But I don't keynote stuff, either.

          If you are keynoting it, then you can add anything you want to the Revit keynote file.


            Dan: For some reason I had lockers as furniture, which sounds incorrect (and is, according to the OmniClass list downloaded from link above). I was just trying to be complete, while opening and changing the locker's "Family Category", by adding the correct OmniClass Number. That's when I noticed that the locker number was not available. Revit is referring to some seemingly incomplete file when I try to set the OmniClass Number. Do you know to what file Revit is referring and whether I can replace it without blowing something up in the program?


              Actually, I told you wrong. I was thinking that keynotes were the same. They aren't.
              I see your issue now. Strange. It seems to missing a lot of info.


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