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Stud Kicker Width Parameter

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    Stud Kicker Width Parameter

    This seemed like a simple family to create. I need to show an individual stud kicker down a corridor. The kicker needs to kick at a 45 degree angle from the front of a soffit to the wall. The width of the soffit is variable. The kicker length needs to chang and get longer along a 45 dgree angle.

    I want to be able to 1) set the soffit width or 2) set the soffit width with a type parameter.

    I have attached what I have so far.

    I have a reference locked to the back side of the kicker. Attached a parameter dimension

    Soffit Kicker Right.JPGSoffit Kicker Plan.JPG

    When you grip that reference line to the back it will extend the kicker along the plane the way I want. However, when I go to insert the kicker, and I change the dimension in the properties window, nothing happens. It just is inserted in the size I created.

    That's ok. So I was going to create 1'-0" increment sized kickers. Assigning a soffit depth for each one. However than it gives me a constraint error.

    I know this is an easy fix. I can feel it, because it is such an easy family. Please help!
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    I got it to work by:

    1. You had the soffit depth parameter in 2 different views (ref. level and right). You only need to do it once.
    2. Unlock the extrusion from the reference planes, edit the extrusion, and lock the sketch lines instead.


      Thank you. I was spinning trying so many options. I knew it was a simple solution. Thanks again, moving on to next challenge.


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