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Is there any easy way to create a sheet with all windows & doors listed and shown?

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    Is there any easy way to create a sheet with all windows & doors listed and shown?

    as we all know an architectural project usually there is a sheet (or sheets) with all the doors and windows types from the entire project illustrated annotated and detailed. so does anybody know any easy way in revit on collecting all your windows and doors (front views) in order to be able to keynote them, annotate them and have them side by side in one or two sheets? :crazy:
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    PS--and stop YELLING already!!
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      Yep. Create a legend. Then, under the annotate tab>detail panel>components you will see a new tool, Legend Component.

      Select that, and you can pick any family and any view and insert it into the legend. Then annotate it accordingly.

      :banghead: I just realized something, I can use these to do casework details! For instance, my cashier counter. I've been creating a floor plan callout and using elevation markers. This is so much cleaner.

      Can I reference a legend view with a callout?
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        wow thanks ... I just discovered legend for myself with your help guys !!!

        Dan Lets check it with callouts


          Spotless, please don't use all CAPS when typing on the forum.

          That said, the Legend tool is worthless, since you cant Tag, Keynote, etc. the Legend Components... Search the forum for "Previous Phase" and you should find a nice workaround.
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            Originally posted by dzatto View Post
            Can I reference a legend view with a callout?
            No not directly.

            You could however make a "blank" drafting view. Technically a drafting view has to create something, but it could be the legend title or something or maybe just some white text. Then you can place the legend onto the sheet where the drafting view is. Now a callout can be created that references the drafting view you have placed on the sheet. You will have to create a new viewport type that has no title mark so it can beassigned to either the legend view or the drafting view. Not perfect but it works ok.

            In the attached image the Window legend title and the title mark are the drafting view. The windows are in an actual legend view.

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              Originally posted by Munkholm View Post
              That said, the Legend tool is worthless,
              Ditto. Worst feature ever.


                Thanks for the info Jeff.

                Well, I retract my :banghead:
                I think the way I'm doing it currently is much cleaner. I don't like work arounds if I can help it. It'd be nice if you could tag, keynote, reference a legend view, though. That might just change Munk's mind. :laugh:


                  Legends suck, on MANY levels. I prefer actual Plan, RCP and Elevation views, off to the side of the "main model", using Design Options to manage visibility and schedule content. Schedules are used to facilitate making sure that the "Legend" views are correct, complete and nothing extraneous. The same procedure is used for Doors, Frames & Relites, Windows, Casework, Materials and even Mounting Heights. True curtain walls and storefronts are addressed with a Curtain Wall elevation type, which is filtered out of all documents views.
                  Using the same "view" on multiple sheets is done with Dependent Views. NOT elegant, but still far superior to Legends, which again, suck.

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                    I use live views that happen three phases before existing, and everything gets demolished one phase before existing. Never schedules, never exists, stays live to the model group and family type definitions, tags, etc.
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