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    Design Review workflow

    So I'm trying to figure out how Design Review works. And I've figured out a few things.
    1. you can add the markups (text, lines, clouds, whatever) in DR and then add notes to that object
    2. once you save the dwf and import it back into Revit, it finds the sheets with markups and imports just those sheets back into the model as just the markup lines - each sheet showing up as a different DWF import in Revit.
    3. Then you can click on the markups in Revit, see notes that were added in DR by clicking the History button in properties, add notes of your own in Notes and change the status of the markup to For Review, Question, or Done.

    up to this point I understand what's going on. Seems very intuitive...although I did notice you CANNOT have the dwfx open in DR while trying to save the Revit file.

    So now - you can save the changes back to the dwfx in manage links, but it only picks up the changes to markup status and notes. obviously it's not picking up model changes at this point.

    so is it then best to save the changes to the dwf and then re-export? I guess then you have a record of what was picked up, and what wasn't...although re-exporting gets you this as well, if you just re-export...because it exports all of the markups - regardless of the status.

    Then, I would assume you just remove the original dwfs in manage links, and when the next set is marked up import that back in?

    And is there a way to put these on a workset so you can easily toggle whether they print or not? Or is the best way to do this just to unload them and then reload them after printing?



    I have not tried this to be sure, but rather than removing the original and importing the new ones back in can you unload (or not I dont think you have to) and then just Reload From and select the new dwf? May be a little easier and by leaving them in and just replacing them as you go you could keep track of the "latest" version in Revit.

    As for worksets I am not sure how dwf works and how it compares to dwg...I will look into this a little this after noon.


      it seems that the dwf markups go onto the view specific workset - so there appears to be no control over this...

      I think the best way - at least in the testing I've been doing - is to export to dwf with the first markup in the model, it will bring all of the markups over to the new dwf so they can be reviewed, and then remove the first dwf and put the new dwf markup in the model. You're able to keep a record of the markups this way, and who worked on them, etc.


        I am trying to get DR implemented for a current project, and am trying to figure out the workflow as well. I am, however, running into some unexpected behavior. When exporting a new dwf with mark ups loaded, the old mark ups are out of scale (much smaller) in the new dwf. Am I missing a setting somewhere?


          in the dwf export settings, make sure you go to the second tab DWF Properties, and set up the print setup to have the correct print settings. Also, from my testing yesterday, I recommend not doing the entire project in one DWF. I exported all the arch sheets from my model (50+) and it gave me a 40mb DR file. It works just fine out in DR, but once you start changing the properties of the markups back in Revit, my save time went from under 30 seconds to ~9 minutes for changing about 10-15 markups, and it was 4.5 minutes for 6-7. So I've exported the 100 series, 200 series, etc all separately. Found that if the DWF is under 10mb it works much better. Because it links in the DWF for every sheet that you make comments on, and then has to save it back. And it's the local save not the SWC that links back to the DWF.


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