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    My Company Content Revit Style Guide....

    Hi Gurus,

    I look for heads up on great templates and/or documents to start the Style Guide for family creation in my company.
    I'm already aware of ANZRS pack, the Autodesk Family SG, and of course RFO style guide.
    I read them carefully, and know what I can translate for our purpose, and what I can not.
    In fact, I'm looking for both advices to challenge this, and feedback on the use of the above documents.

    Things you may want to know about my company/country:

    - BIM implementation is spreading really slowly in France, but it comes
    - we have at this time around 60 Revit users at 12 places, various skills, with no content management (yeah, I know.....:hide
    - content from manufacturers at Euro standards is totally missing for the time being in my country, UK has some I guess
    - the result is that we have to model a lot of families, and some are already here :banghead:...what is the tool that helps to check? Model review? right hand?
    - we do BIM models that are not very often shared with others, but the time they will is approaching, thanks to IFCs
    - most of the time, one user, one project
    - what is the way to disallow family editing: admin workset with ownership on all families?
    - I want to make it simple and clear: a Wiki like?

    Any comment is welcome.

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    P. DAC
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    Style guides are great to the extent that they are followed obviously; but if people get families from other places then all bet's are off.

    There's no foolproof way to keep others from editing families... there is nearly always a way to break in to worksets, etc. There are some API programs that can lock things down but I am not sure if Families are part of that possibility, but it seems so. (If that is a real "need")

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