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Jason Grant: 5 Years of Blogging... Almost Nothing Worthwhile is Easy

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    Jason Grant: 5 Years of Blogging... Almost Nothing Worthwhile is Easy

    Almost nothing worthwhile is easy, and it’s hard to just jump in and be good at something difficult right off the bat…
    The only reliable way to succeed at anything is to actually do it, repeatedly, with concentrated effort. True for individuals, and true for organizations. Athletes, artists, businesses.
    —John Gruber in Cutting That Cord
    As of today, I have been blogging on BIM and technologies for 5 years which began at and now this squarespace site. It is definitely not easy keeping up with writing between family and work but it is worthwhile for all the relationships I developed over these years. I started blogging after having utilized Steve Stafford's blog to help get through the struggles I faced learning Revit through self teaching and trial + error. This was at Revit release 7 when there were not as many web resources as there are today so I started blogging because I wanted to help those like me.

    As times have changed, so has my blogging with the topics evolving as I have grown in knowledge, experience and interests. I want to thank everyone who reads, comments and emails on what I write as it makes everything I do that much more enjoyable. I always look forward to having you challenge my opinions, supporting those opinions or just asking questions that have stumped you or others. It amazes me how technology has created so many friendships and helps continue friendships made at conferences and events. I look forward to the next 5 years of sharing with you and learning from you.

    Just as this blog's focus has changed over the years, after this week it will take a slightly different path and I hope you all come along for the ride as it will definitely be an interesting one.

    Will it be relevant to what you do? Definitely

    Keep tuned for what this change is later in the week.

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