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Wiring in MEP 2010

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    Wiring in MEP 2010

    Hi again,
    how to wire the Panel and the lighting Fixture as in my case
    1. Panel is on the wall is- Lighting and Appliance Panelboard-480V MLO Surface.
    2. lighting fixture i have created in the ceiling is M_Ceiling Light- Linear Box 0300x1200(1 Lamp)-120V

    While wiring, Diagonal Box pops out with warning saying can not wire " Cannot add 0300x1200mm(1 Lamp) - 120V to Circuit. The Number of Poles for 0300x1200mm(1 Lamp) - 120V does not match the Number of Poles (3) for the Circuit."

    Help me out...... pls Frens n Sirs here in Forum.....

    as the warning says, you have to match the no of poles for the elements in the circuit and the panel itself. you would have to link the parameters in the Edit Family interface for both to be able to adjust the no of poles in the Project interface or simply adjust the parameters in the Family..
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      The panel you've used is 480VAC while the fixture you are using is 120VAC. There is a mismatch in distribution systems. You have to use as panel that is assigned to matching voltage. Typically the 480 panel would connect to a transformer that would "step-down" the voltage to 120. The secondary side of the transformer connects to the 120VAC panel and the light fixture is connected to that panel. It really just mimics the way they work in the field...


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