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Losing objects when I bind a Revit link in my template

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    Losing objects when I bind a Revit link in my template


    I got a Revit model from the constructor and I am placing that model in our template.
    When I bind the model, I get 90 errors and some objects disappear.

    What can I do to prevent this from happening?

    Thanks for your help!

    I am not an expert on this, but I am betting there is some problem with the way Revit handles both "project" and "template" files. For instance you cannot transfer views from a template. The template must be in project form before views can be transferred.
    Is there a particular reason you are trying to bind a model into a template? Normally you would create a project from your template then bind project to project.
    -Alex Cunningham


      Hello Alex,

      I create a new project from my template.
      Then I use "Link Revit" to link the model from the constructor.
      When I only link the model I can't work with it so I have to bind it.
      When I bind the revit link then I got a lot of errors and families disappear.
      What am I doing wrong?

      When I just open the Revit project from the constructor everything is ok!


        Could you just open the file from the constructor and "save as" ?

        Then select all and Copy/Paste into your "template approved new project"? ( instead of link/bind ).

        Or perhaps use Transfer Project Standards as well?

        How large a file is it? Maybe you do not have enough RAM to "bind" it into your project?
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          Hello Cliff,

          When I copy/paste the project into the "new template approved new project" I got less errors but some families still disappear.

          The file from the constructor is 20MB so this can't be the problem for my computer.

          How do you link other Revit files in your template?

          If you don't bind the new linked Revit file you can't work with it can you?

          Thanks for the help guys!


            Ok, simple translation error here (I think): instead of Template, read Project...

            To solve this, what settings did you use when binding the project? Did you also bind Levels? Cause that might be the problem if the original file hosts a lot of extra levels where elements are placed on. Not binding the Levels can produce errors.
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              It also sounds like the model you got has a lot of errors & probably corruptions. Those need to get fixed before you can expect a good binding.

              This is tricky stuff.

              For instance: If there are levels in your project that conflict with the linked/bound model (vice-versa) then yes; items will lose their associations and go bye-bye. Kinda logical if you think about it...
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