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Can't get hanging light fixture to correct height.

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    Can't get hanging light fixture to correct height.

    Hi there,
    I have got a split level building with hanging light fixtures in a double height room. The cable is connected to the double height ceiling, but the fixture itself hangs right down to below the split level used in another part of the building. I have set the light fixtures level to higher level, reduced the hanging distance right down, tried change the host, but they still hang below the split level line. I'm all out of ideas.

    Can anyone help?

    The fixture is the Rectangular Hanging Light Fixture from Revit Freebies | ArchDesignLabs
    And the drawing is in millimetres. Thanks!
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    Open the Family, and check that it "flexes" properly when changing the pendant length. I suspect that a dimension / parameter is not tied/locked to a reference plane correctly in the family. Make sure the dimension is snapped to a reference plane, and the dimension is assigned a parameter.

    Then make sure the model geometry is locked to the reference plane. Change the dimension value and see if it changes correctly ( "flexing" ) in the family. If all is good, save and load into the project. You should then be able to change the pendant length on the fly.
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