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problem with stairs

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    problem with stairs

    hi all,

    i have a problem in building stairs, i have the level height is 6 meters so i want to build multistory stair but with no inter mediate slab.i creat an intermediate level but still there is error.attached sketch with the error.
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    Could you cahnge the attachment to not be an inline... Can't view this one
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      In order for multi-story stairs to work properly all the floors have to be the same height...

      So lets say from Ground to First is 5m then First to Roof would also have to be 5m...In the case of your pic, Level 8 would have to be at 3175 (or Ground Floor with 3175 Offset...less levels to worry about) and your Multistory Top Level would need to be in between the First and Roof Levels.
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