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Interior Design - Workflow with separate firms?

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    Interior Design - Workflow with separate firms?

    We're providing interior design services for a project being done by another firm. We're fairly knowledgeable on Revit and have been using it for quite some time, but I believe the other firm is still learning. Normally we do architectural and interiors in the same file using worksets. This is a slighly different challenge and we're looking for the best way to proceed.

    We're still early in the process and just need some schedules now. Later we may move to creating interior finish floors and ceilings. Other firm will handle all walls.


    1. Use Revit Server and work in the same model. We're using it, but I'm not sure that we'll be able to get it setup and working with the other firm. Worth a shot.

    2. Create a Interiors model with copies of rooms, required finish ceilings and floors in it. This model linked into the Architectural model. Problem is that rooms would also be in Architectural model. We would need to manually coordinate rooms between the two models. This leads to option 3:

    3. Same as 2, but Interiors model would contain and control the rooms. No rooms in the architectural model. We would need to make misc room changes for the other firm.

    Any other options I'm missing or not seeing? Opinions?

    Got an Autodesk Suite license? Use Revit MEP (once) to create spaces within the room boundaries of the linked architectural model. Once in place, you can use most of their parameters in Revit Architecture, just as you would rooms. You can show the referencing room in a space schedule.
    There must be a better way...

    Ekko Nap
    Professional nitpicker, architect, revit consultant, etc.


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