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Exporting Coordinates from Revit

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    Exporting Coordinates from Revit

    Hi there, I'm fairly new to Revit and modeling in general, so let me know if my question doesn't make sense.

    I have a model of a (fairly simple) building created by hand in Revit, consisting only of flat planes. What I need to do is export the coordinates of each vertex that makes up each plane. For example, for one side of a rectangular wall I would have 4 coordinates.

    Is there a function in Revit that can handle this? I don't care what the coordinates are relative to, as long as they are all equally scaled and relative to the same thing.

    I can export to .dwg and import to AutoCAD, and from AutoCAD I can see each vertex and its coordinates by mousing over them. However AutoCAD's export functions don't seem to have a good way to do this either.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

    The API can do it, and there are several external apps you can get to do it. The gist of it is they will place a family at each vertex, and export the origin of the family. You *can* get this to work with a Point Hosted Family, too.
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