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Joining Structural Columns and Wall.

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    Joining Structural Columns and Wall.

    Morning All,

    Is it possible to join a structural wall and column, assuming they are both the same material (concrete - cast in situ)?

    I've tried a few different things, but the line where they join will not disappear.

    Any thoughts?


    Did you try to recreate the issue in another file?
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      Should work fine, do you have a "coarse scale fill pattern" assigned to the wall? You should check that you have the same issues if you toggle the detail level of the view as well

      Also did you change the material after you placed the elements? Sometimes if you change the material after they are placed the joinging does funny things

      Other than that it could be a relative height issue, do they both generally extend to the same top and bottom constraints?
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        If the walls "Structural Use" is set to "Non-bearing" there will be a line - you need to change it to something else to make it structural, then they will join.
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          Thanks Ben,

          Both the wall and column are the same material, Concrete - Cast in Situ.
          The wall has a coarse scale fill pattern of concrete.
          The material had no cut pattern applied to it. After applying concrete to be the cut pattern, the two elements join and look correct in plan view. However, in section I still see the line where the elements meet.
          Although if the section cuts through the column and does not extend pass the column, I do not see the join line.




            This might help you:
            and this:
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