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    Best 22" Monitor


    Scratch that 22"

    Revit guy said he just wants one 27" monitor.
    Any input would be great. BTW I'm the IT guy not the revit user. Boss wants to spend tops $300 with shipping.

    Seems like the 27" all have 1920x1080 resolution. Not the best for Revit from what I read.

    Thank you
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    I like View Sonic, Asus, LG and HP. I think they all use LG screens though.
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      Thanks for the input.


        Why not 2x23" monitors?
        I plan to buy 2xU2312 (DELL).
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          I guess it was a budget thing. Or a perception thing. Revit guy said he just wants one 27 incher.


            I can understand the desire. Splitting across two monitors is really not very elegant. It isn't too bad with two views open, one on each monitor, but splitting one view between the two really doesn't work well. And the Revit UI is really not at all designed to be slit, you can end up with half of a tab on one monitor, half on the other. Or even half of a QAT button on each. Without OS level integration, spreading an application window across monitors is just a kludge at best.
            Also, if there is a old 18" or 19" monitor to put next to that 27", for email, Project Browser, etc then there is just no comparison vs paired smaller monitors. And who doesn't have a few old 19" screens sitting around?

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              I've been tempted with the idea of switching to the single monitor concept...although our IT guy was even thinking dual 27's... Which actually would be nice for when I have two sessions of Revit open...
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                27" running 1920 x 1280 is what we all have, although the new Dell 27 inch screens and the new laptops with Display Port run 2500x14xx. Both are more than good, for Revit.

                But, i prefer two monitors over one large on, even though i only keep revit maximized on one. As long as one runs 1920x1280, and there is a second monitor (email, PDF's, communicator, etc) im happy. I use my laptop screen as monitor 2, also running 1920 x 1280.
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