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How to change axis preference of a beam family

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    How to change axis preference of a beam family

    Hi everyone,
    I modelled this element which is a tunnel stroke with Grasshopper and exported it to Revit.

    Those in red are HE steel beams and as you can see from the front view they must be inside the external layer and tangent to the outer edge.
    I used the Rhino.inside.Revit tool to export it but Revit places them half outside the edge and half inside, this is because the beam family has the central axis as reference for positioning.


    I tried to set these two axes as "define origin" as you can see in the table on the side but nothing changes.
    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to change the reference axis for positioning the beam? I mean, can I make sure that when I export the beam it is positioned as I want?
    I am just learning these programs so I am not very practical and I do not know all the functions.
    I hope someone can help me.

    Thank you

    Have you tried using y or z Justification?

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      At the end I decided to create a "support line" in Grasshopper just to positioning the beam. I think is the fastest and easiest way in this case. However, I'll also try your advice. If it'll work will be useful for further projects.

      Thanks for your help. I appreciate it


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