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BIM Chapters: Revit 2022 Books Ready for Fall Semester

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    BIM Chapters: Revit 2022 Books Ready for Fall Semester

    My line of Autodesk 2022 textbooks are updated and will be ready for Fall 2021 semester. I have a textbook for every user level, covering a variety of disciplines and uses. Many of my books include training videos and instructor support material.

    Be sure to read the comments for each book below to learn which book is the #1 in academic sales and which book is the 2nd Revit book ever written!

    Instructors, request your free examination copies today, and SDC Publications will give you immediate access to an eBook version, with a hard copy to follow if requested (see eligibility statement below). ISBN numbers can be found below, which can be passed on to your school book store to ensure to get the current version of the book.
    BTW, all of the covers are 100% Enscape renders with no post production from the Revit model developed in the book. Except for the last two books, which do not have models so the publisher uses stock images. If you want to learn Enscape, check out my $99 ArchSmarter course - click here.

    Residential Design Using Autodesk Revit 2022

    By Daniel John Stine AIA, CSI, CDT
    Available May 17, 2021
    700 Pages
    ISBN: 978-1-63057-439-0

    More info: click here

    This is the #1 Revit book in the academic market in North America.

    keep reading to learn more...Read more »

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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