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Wall Foundation Attachement

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    Wall Foundation Attachement

    We have an exterior wall that has a brick veneer layer that is unlocked so that it can be extended down below the floor slab 8". We are then using wall foundations as grade beams and are attaching them directly to that exterior wall. The problem is that the wall foundation sometimes comes in at the elevation of the base of the wall (100'-0") and other times comes in at the elevation of the base extension (99'-4") which is preferred. The wall foundation and exterior wall is the same in both instances. There is no way that I can find to adjust the elevation of the foundation since it is constrained to the wall base. Any thoughts on what may be going on?


    This is a nasty little bug. I just ran into it again today. My only solution is to not use the footing tool but either add a sweep to the wall assembly or create a sep. wall without the brick to hose the footing on. I did file a support request. Mine was a littl diff. we have Cement plaster over CMU, we want the cmu layer to go down 2' below grade and the cement plaster 4" above grade, so if we use the foundation tool we end up with a foundation attached to our cement plaster and the cmu. Its just frustrating.
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      You could use a Stacked Wall, with a Conc. Foundation Wall below the brick veneer wall.

      see attached.

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