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    Nested Family Help!

    Hi all! I'm using Revit MEP 2011 and I've linked in all necessary arch and struct models, set up my views, and am currently working on a face based door family with yes/no and text shared parameters for door hardware (I have done this in order to schedule these door hardware componenets... see: | Copy/Monitor / workaround HELP PLEASE! for more info on that). Nested in this family I have placed a detail tag in plan view. This detail tag has types setup for each detail #/sheet (I used labels and set the text for each type - for example: the text in the tag reads "01A/SC3.0" and the type for that is titled "01A"). In my door hardware family I have set up types to reflect different detail #s also by checking which hardware componenets need to be scheduled for each (for example: 01A is the type and has a door position switch (DPS), data connection (DATA) check boxes "on" and cardreader (CR) text set to internal (INT), and door type text set to single door (SD). 02A has different "componenets" filled in... etc. etc.). My intent is to have the nested detail tag change when I change the type of door hardware family I select (so basically if I were to change the type of the door hardware family from "01A" to "02A" the nested detail tag would change type from "01A" to "02A" as well). I'm not 100% sure if this can be done or not? I would think so (maybe a formula for the parameter or something?), but I'm wrong all the time so who knows?... Really, who knows?! lol if you do any help would be greatly appreciated! I have attached the door hardware and detail tag families to this post for you to look at but if you figure it out I would like a walkthrough rather than the files sent back with the "fix" (give a man food and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life sorta thing...). Thanks in advance for taking time to read this post. Again, any help at all would be greatly appreciated! -Kcaparella
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    Originally posted by kcaparella View Post
    ... I'm not 100% sure if this can be done or not? I would think so (maybe a formula for the parameter or something?),...
    Yes, it can be done, but you need to approach the problem in another way.

    If I understand correctly, your current approach is this:
    • You made a family as generic annotation with 24 types in it (!), with two family parameters: "Detail #" and "Sheet #" .
    • You made a face based family for the hardware set as a "door" family, to be placed on the face of linked doors from the arch's model.
    • You are tagging the doors with this annotation family, to label your hardware set types.
    • You want to change the type of the generic annotation every time you change the type of the 'door' hardware set family.

    The proposed approach is this:
    • Start a tag as generic annotation, then change the category to be Specialty Equipment Tag*. Now your "Detail #" and "Sheet #" can be shared parameters. Do not make types in this tag family. It is not necessary.
    • Start a generic model face based family, and change the category to be Specialty Equipment*. Make the necessary solids that represent the hardware.
    • In the project, where you have the linked model from the architect, create 2 project parameters, from your shared parameters file, "Detail #" and "Sheet #", that apply to Specialty Equipment elements, type, text.
    • Place your hardware set family on the face of the linked doors, align and lock. Create different types of the hardware set, (or make a catalog, or make duplicates in the project), with different values of "Detail #" and "Sheet #". Now simply tag the hardware items. Now if the type of hardware is different, the tag will display the corresponding information.

    See illustration.
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    Last edited by Alfredo Medina; October 22, 2011, 03:46 AM. Reason: * In Revit MEP, to enable the Specialty Equipment category, check the option for "Show categories from all disciplines".
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