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Rotating TRUE north well into project development

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    Rotating TRUE north well into project development

    Hi all - long time member, but first time poster. I've searched but did not find anything near enough my particular issue.

    I've begun working on a project that was started by others approximately 2 years ago. It was on hiatus for a while and is now beginning again. I noticed when I attempted to pull in some civil dwg backgrounds that the project was never given a true north orientation nor was it geolocated. As we do a lot of renderings out of the Revit model for internal review, it seems particularly important that both of those things are accurate! Project north is 62 degrees off true north, so it's not some small discrepancy. I also wonder if down the road it will cause any issues with coordination. I've already geolocated the project as I am pretty sure that has no impact on anything like the base point or anything like that. I'm more hesitant to change the true north direction. Is this going to break alignments with consultant models? We have MEP + Structural models linked in via BIM360.


    I tried something similar recently and it caused a mess with modelled geometry, links, a whole load of stuff. Can't remember whether it was the True North or the Project North though.

    If its only the true north you want moving, I'd make a new blank file and set the coordinates and true north, etc., there, and then acquire the coordinates from that file after linking it.
    Kamran Mirza
    Chartered Architect RIBA, ARB, PCATP


      Rotate True North is an abstraction that does NOT alter the model. It alters the rotation of the view that we see the model in.

      Rotate Project North is NOT an abstraction, it DOES alter the model. It is equivalent to selecting all the model elements AND all 2D annotation/views and using the Rotate tool.

      As such using Rotate True North at any time during the project will only affect the way the model is seen/presented/viewed in views that are assigned to True North orientation.

      Edit: It (Rotate True North) can affect imported DWG files. Revit thinks it should try to keep them oriented with the model. Worst case scenario you'll need to rotate them afterward or link them again.
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        I appreciate the response. I've had some weird things happen when reloading DWG links while in a view oriented to project north vs true north if I had previously loaded it in the opposite orientation. Typically I just undo, set the other orientation, and load again and it seems to work. Ok this answered my question, I will fix the true north.


          If you're working with a DWG that comes in at True North (building rotated, True North is up in the DWG), then just set a view to True North, rotate and align the DWG where it needs to be, and then Acquire Coordinates from that DWG file. That will rotate the view so that True North is now up. Then you can change the view back to Project North so that your building will be orthogonal once again. Assuming it was orthogonal in the first place.


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