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Picking multiple elements

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    Picking multiple elements


    I'm looking for a node that will allow me to pick multiple elements. I know that the OOTB node "Select Model Elements" will allow a box-style selection, but that's not want I'm looking for.

    I did notice this node in the Rhythm package:

    but for some reason that node isn't available for me. I have the latest version of the Rhythm package installed but that node isn't available.

    I'm running Dynamo version When I installed the Rhythm package there was a warning that the package was made for a later version of Dynamo. But as far as I know, I'm running the latest version. I'm using Revit 2020 and when I go to "Version" it tells me that Dynamo is "up to date."

    So, if I can't get Rhythm to work, does anyone know of another package that will give me this "pick multiple" functionality?


    Hi there!

    This node was removed some time ago with the transition to Dynamo 2.0. More information about that here:

    I plan to add a similar node back to the package with a C# replacement, but have not had a chance to get it done.

    For now, you can use the following python script:
    HTML Code:
    import clr
    import Revit
    from  Autodesk.Revit.UI import *
    import RevitServices
    from RevitServices.Persistence import DocumentManager
    doc = DocumentManager.Instance.CurrentDBDocument
    #offer the user the selection
    elementReferences = uidoc.Selection.PickObjects(Selection.ObjectType.Element, 'Pick model elements')
    #our list to append selection results to
    elements = []
    #obtain the elements via the id
    for i in elementReferences:    
    OUT = elements
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    John Pierson
    Creator of Rhythm, Monocle, Bang! and Lots of Other Okay Stuff.
    Twitter - @60secondrevit | Email - [email protected] | Blog - | Work -


      This was removed a while back with the 2.0 transition and I have not added a C# replacement yet.

      More info on that here:

      In the meantime here is the python to get you going: (copy/paste into a python node)

      John Pierson
      Creator of Rhythm, Monocle, Bang! and Lots of Other Okay Stuff.
      Twitter - @60secondrevit | Email - [email protected] | Blog - | Work -


        Thanks John!


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