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Door Scheduling - Add a schedule value (door type) embedded in the door family itself

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    Door Scheduling - Add a schedule value (door type) embedded in the door family itself

    I am creating a door schedule. We have various pieces of information we put into the schedule, including the door type, as A, B, C, etc... These are based on the physical characteristics of the door and each door family is its own door type. As of now, this is an instance based text parameter in the door schedule within the main project that has to be manually inputted into the schedule, which of course, is extremely tedious and time consuming. I want to somehow have this parameter embedded in the door family itself, so every time I add the door family of a specific type, that parameter is already filled in. How would I go about this?

    I tried opening one of the door families, going to family types, and adding a new parameter under identity data. It doesn't seem to be carrying over to the main project. Any ideas?
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    Does each door family represent one type, or multiple? Why is it instance based? If the charcteristics that determine it's type are set at the family/type level it should be a type parameter, and/or controlled with a formula in the family.

    For it to appear in a schedule you'll either need to use the default parameters or a shared parameter. Once the family is in the project it will only bring over parameter data if you allow it to overwrite parameters - and if you do it will overwrite ALL the parameters to default (so I wouldn't use it once the family is in use)

    The default "Type Mark" seems like it might be what you are looking for, if you aren't using it for anything else
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      We switched to a nested door panel workflow maybe 8, 10 years ago and have never looked back.

      You will need to be comfortable with family editing, but this method provides the most bang for the buck. Our nested door panels (shared nested) are named according to how we want them to appear in the schedule, e.g. "A", "B",..... The nested families are tied to a shared parameter for <Family Type...>. So for us, swapping the panel type will not only update the door schedule, but also appear correctly in elevation, 3D, etc.

      Take a look at Aaron's (Twiceroadsfool) door families.....this should give you a great headstart on how this method works. I think there is a sticky post on it in one of the subforums, perhaps Family Editing?.

      - Jon
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