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CA- Electronic RFI's and ASI's

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    CA- Electronic RFI's and ASI's

    On my last two projects we've been attempting to go "paperless" So all RFI's, ASI's and submittals are done digitally using Newforma. However the contractor is really struggling to get the latest info into the guys/girls in the field. We made a decision that we would allways re-issue the sheets if an RFI was answered that affected a drawing on a sheet. IE, the RFI askes for dimensions that aren't currently on the drawings, we add the drawings, cloud them , tag them with a Delta and the RFI number. Print the sheet to pdf and send with the RFI response. They add it to their Bluebeam document and allways have the latest sheets. Sometimes sketches are issued if a new drawing/detail is needed. This is all very elegant in revit, and in bluebeam, the problem is only the super has an IPAD with the latest and greatest(it syncs with the main file). So my question is how are you all seeing this dealt with.

    We had thought that the contractor would still maintain a posted set(but obviously printing full sheets onsite isn't practical). So I had told them they could always zoom in on the area of the sheet revised, print it to 11x17 and post(tape) it to the hard set.

    I'm just looking for validation of the digital approach. Or if we need to go back to paper. Another issue is with electronic submittals, We are only stamping the cover sheet(electronically), not all the sheets, this is causing issues where unless the cover sheet is with the final submittal there is no way to tell if the sub is using the approved shop or the one they submitted. I'm planning on recommending we electronically require a "mark" of some sort on all submital sheets ready for "field use" . Ie the contractor takes the approved shops and adds "for field use" on all sheets. Somethng like that. Are there any new "industry standards" for electronic CA processes?

    Scott D. Brown, AIA | Senior Project Manager | Beck Group

    In my world, if it's not in writing (on paper), it doesn't exist. At least that is what I imagine that an attorney might tell me.

    We use a lot of digital information exchange for the processes you are describing mostly for convenience - either ours or the GC's, or both. Ultimately, it is up to the GC and the GC alone to make certain that their subs have the most current information to work from. There are ways to fake or screw-up any system devised to eliminate fakes or screw-ups. That is a long way of saying that I am not aware of any "industry standards" for going paperless. We find that each project even with the same GC and/or Super can be different depending on the contract conditions.

    At least Newforma gives you some internal control (digitally) over versioning and tracking issues, action items, RFIs and submittals. We always use it even if the client requires us to use a different system during CA.

    It sounds like your GC is not quite ready to go paperless which is understandable. Even if the people in the field all had iPads, there is still no guarantee that they are looking at the right information. FWIW, if I were a sub, I would want to be looking at a piece of paper with a date on it to cover my a$$, not a vague recollection of a PDF.
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