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Phantom sheet that I can't get rid of

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    Phantom sheet that I can't get rid of

    Revit 2020.
    Using a template given to us mandated by the project owner, I have come across a phantom sheet. By that, I mean that it shows up in the Sheet List schedule, but does not show up in the Sheet Index schedule or the actual list of sheets in the project browser (see screenshots).
    I can rename the sheet in the Sheet List schedule (which you can see, I have done) and the fields for the Index & List are the same & checkbox for itemize all instances are checked in both.

    If the sheet exists, why doesn't it show in the project browser? How can I delete this phantom sheet? The client has a number of QC checking softwares (etc.) that will surely turn this up as an error when we go to submit.

    Can anyone out there help with this? We are completely baffled by this.

    Please & thank you in advance!

    Click image for larger version

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    You can add sheets to that list as placeholders without actually them being used (so they wont show up in your project browser).
    They show up when you go to create a new sheet.
    You can either delete the row from the schedule (if you certainly dont need it), or filter the schedule so they dont show.
    Refer images - easy to explain!
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      It was literally that easy. Been using Revit since Revit Structure 2 and never knew about placeholder sheets.
      Thanks very much for the help!


        Placeholder sheets are very handy! You can use it to set up sheet names/numbers that may be used, but we primarily use them to set up sheets we receive from consultants that don't have a model so they appear in the sheet index in the same style as all the model sheets.
        Julie Kidder
        Architect + BIM Director
        Hartman + Majewski Design Group


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