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nonconsecutive equal spacing command

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    nonconsecutive equal spacing command

    simple qustion that i'm sure has been discussed before, sorry for that in advance but search didnt produce anything useful.

    I'm trying to equally space the distance on both the right and left side of a door without changing the door's width. The best I could think of is to create a dimension string, lock the door dimension, and EQ the two I need to change. Revit didnt agree with my logic and shot the door to one side and yelled at me with warnings. In the end I was able to figure out the distances needed to be equal, but whats the revit friendly way to do this?


    Give yourself a dimension to either side of the walls you want to centre the door or window too, when creating that string, hover over around the centre of the door until you can select the centreline ref plane (which is invisible) select it and finalise the dimension string. Then click on dimension then click "eq" sign to centre object.
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      Yup, that's the trick (if hovering doesn't work go somewhere close to the middle with the mouse pointer and use tab key to toggle selection options).
      btw, if you then click again on the EQ sign, it will show dimensions again but keep the EQ constraint.
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        brilliant! thanks everyone


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